Teaching Programmes


At a time when entrepreneurship is actively encouraged and the tourism industry is seen as a real growth driver, it seemed obvious for us to support you in getting your business off the ground.

The ICI incubator has been designed to :

  • Realize and consolidate your project in a dedicated workspace.
  • Share your experiences and work in a group to break with the solitude experienced by entrepreneurs.
  • We provide the entrepreneurs with:

    • Our network of business and employee contacts in the sector.
    • Our expertise in high-end client relationship and service.
    • Our experts specialised in matters specific to creating a business and the concierge services.
    • Our renown and reputation, a real guarantee of quality in the luxury and conciergerie sector.

    During the first 6 months you benefit from a monthly 90 minute session with :

    A project leader expert, to assist you in structuring and organising

    Their role is to help you to ask yourself the right questions, provide you with a methodology and regular operational updates and ensure you undertake an in-depth review of the strategy.

    A concierge expert, specialised in your domain

    Their role is to make available to you their knowledge and expertise in the conciergerie sector

    You will also have access to :

    Mutual assistance sessions:

    Conducted in groups, these sessions will meet your needs in various skills. The group, coached by one or more stakeholders, works together to find concrete solutions to your set of problems.

    Training modules :

    Access to the ICI modules with preferential rates.

    Incubator prices: :

    6 months: €200/person/month

    1 year: €2,000/person

    Including: Access to the open space, relaxation space, meeting room, photocopier, Wi-Fi