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“Service experience serving Excellence”


When he founded the Institut de Conciergerie Internationale in 1983, Jean Gillet, President of the Clefs d’Or, placed the human aspect of service at the very core of the teachings: "Serve without servility, serve with a capital S, aspire to excellence at all times".


The only school in the world to offer teaching in International Conciergerie and Client Experience, the Institute swiftly became one of the leading players in training specifically destined for the hospitality and luxury worlds.


Our unique training programmes have formed over 15,000 professionals around the world. Singapore Airlines selected our exclusive Guest Experience Management programme to train all its personnel..


This know-how, the fruit of over 30 years of expertise, forms the very core of our teaching experience and the innovations of the Centre Européen de Recherche sur l’Experience Client are constantly enhancing the teaching.


A panel of over 300 partners offers international careers within the most prestigious establishments.

Ever-attentive, our teaching teams provide support to ensure you achieve your professional project. Discretion, politeness, rigour and courtesy are the keywords that will make you the players so eagerly sought after by the prestigious hotel chains and luxury brands.


When it’s impossible, only the concierge will do. Creative, ingenious, imaginative, each challenge enriches his experience. Overcoming obstacles is second nature for you and international, luxury and events organisation are all very appealing.

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