Experience Economy

How did the Institut de Conciergerie International become the client experience leader in a domain that is so strategic for services companies?

  • 2002- The Institut de Conciergerie Internationale sets up the Centre Européen de Recherche sur l’Expérience Client (CEREC),
  • 2005 - Launch of the Guest Experience Management (GEM) method which is sued to build, assess and improve a client experience, regardless of the service environment,
  • 2006 - Singapore Airlines selects the Institut de Conciergerie Internationale to train its personnel in the client experience (15,000 professionals),
  • 2008 - the Centre Européen de Recherche sur l’Expérience Client (CEREC) receives the best innovation in the field of training programmes dedicated to client service award. Best Creative Training programme,
  • 2010 - The Russian State University of Tourism and Service in Moscow decides to entrust ICI with responsibility for the Hotel and Hospitality Management and Client Experience programme for all Russian universities,
  • 2012 - Implementation of the Guest Experience Management programme at the Institut Culinario de Mexico (ICUM). The number 1 cuisine and hotel & hospitality school in Mexico.
  • 2014 - Training of the sales personnel for the new Louis Vuitton boutique, Avenue Montaigne, in Concierge service, Etiquette and Protocol.


Singapore Airlines :

“In delivering the GEM programme throughout the world SIA realized there is no frontier to service improvement and Guest Experience has become one of our core values”.

Chew Choon Seng CEO

Le Bon Marché :

“The Savoir Faire training course for le Bon Marché ensured no link in the client service chain was neglected. Generating positive emotions is henceforth at the centre of each person’s concerns. ”

Caroline Cate, Directrice Ressources Humaines

Federal Education Agency : 

“I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the implementation of the outstanding THS program (Tourism, Hospitality, Service) and thus contributing to the success of Sochi Olympic Games. ”

Alexander Fedouline, Rector


No, this is not just a fashionable trend, presented by consultants looking for new concepts, in the same way the fashion industry raises or lowers hemlines as the seasons go by.

After more than ten years of practical experience, studies and research, corporate leaders are now convinced that their capacity to ensure their clients live a memorable Experience constitutes a strategic approach that is extremely profitable and long-lasting.

Once you accept the well-known predicate that clients engage in a purchase from an emotional impulse, justified a posteriori by a logical reasoning, you then hold the key for penetrating into the Experience realm.

To summarise the real issue, the question is not just to respond to the set of problems, but rather to affect the emotional state of your clients. However, the words that keep coming up the most in satisfaction surveys on the quality de service of companies are disappointment and frustration (over 80% occurrence). Currently stimulated by the dehumanizing nature of the emergence of cold and impersonal technologies, this trend makes even more exceptional the creation of a memorable Experience with the capacity to understand and influence the client.

It is therefore very clear for us that the Experience economy remains the viable and profitable differentiation strategy for companies.

Everyone wants to dale and surprise the client, but only a very few really know how to achieve this. This is why, since 2002, the Institut de Conciergerie Internationale, along with its research laboratory, has developed a unique and patented method to build, improve or assess the client Experience.